the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 22 – donate to Sea Shepherd…

In the second of our virtual gifts for great projects and people we are featuring one of our most favourite movements here at The Ecospot – Sea Shepherd. Founded in 1977 as the direct action marine conservation group, Sea Shepherd run annual campaigns to protect marine life from the Faroes to the Southern Ocean. Tackling illegal fishing, whale hunts, seal hunts and the trapping of dolphins for transportation into a life of captivity, Sea Shepherd does exactly what they pledge to do – Defend, Conserve and Protect.

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Many people will know Sea Shepherd from the Whale Wars programmes, or more recently, the Ocean Warriors series, which tracks the Operation Icefish campaign from last season where the Sea Shepherd vessel, the Bob Barker, led by Captain Peter Hammarstedt chased the illegal Patagonian toothfish vessel, the Thunder for 110 days.

Bob Barker

The vast amounts of illegal gillnets that were recovered by Sea Shepherd’s Sam Simon vessel were used as evidence against the Thunder before they were given to Parley for the Oceans as part of their link up with Adidas. The result? Their new ocean plastic trainer that we have spoken about here as part of our own marine litter reporting.

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But the heroic actions of Sea Shepherd that do so much to protect our oceans and marine life need supporting in so many ways. Even with a completely volunteer crew, the vessels and campaigns of Sea Shepherd cost money to run. Donating towards the running costs ensures that Sea Shepherd can continue to Defend, Conserve and Protect.

Donate through the main Sea Shepherd UK pages here, or buy merchandise from their ebay store here.

(images via Sea Shepherd / Adidas)