the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 7 – Get Lost print by Hello Dodo…

Ah, Christmas. A time of joy, seasonal cheer and unbounded love for all, everywhere. Except it is not. It is stressful, rushed and often full of get togethers with people you haven’t seen all year, but somehow feel obligated to because it is Christmas. Bah. Wouldn’t it be nice to be out of the thick of it all, hidden away in a calm and peaceful setting… whilst also telling people to just leave you alone. If you feel the same as us sometimes in the season, or know someone who does, you need this fantastic print by Hello Dodo in your life. It’s day 7 on our Eco Gift Guide and we have chosen the ‘Get Lost’ series by design duo Hello Dodo…

Get Lost Tote Bag, Funny Tote Bag, Adventure Print, Mountain Print, Screen Print Bag, Cute Shopper, Explore Print, Cute Tote Bag, Fun Gift

Often with cheeky double meanings, the bright and cheerful work of South Coast based Hello Dodo never fails to raise a smile, but we really love their new Get Lost collection. It has that classic vintage nod, but is not taking itself too seriously.

Get Lost Embroidered Patch, Funny Iron On Patch, Explore Patch, Mountain Patch, Hiking Patch, Nature Patch, Country Patch, Adven

Plus, the design is available in a whole raft of different configurations, to suit all types of people who either want to get lost themselves – or want to send a bit of a message to others.

Get Lost Sweater, Get Lost Jumper, Cosy Grey Sweater, Christmas Sweater, Mountain Jumper, Funny Sweater, Adventure Explore Sweater Jumper

Slightly glittery blue prints to patches, tote bags to jumpers, there is something for all. And to prove this, we had a visitor to Studio Loo – our open studio for the Brighton Artists’ Open Houses, (where Hello Dodo are featured) from Sweden who is well into his 80’s and he happily trotted off with a Get Lost tote after we explained to him the double meaning. He was very much looking forward to telling all his friends to Get Lost when he got home. Her wandered off roaring with laughter.

So. Get Lost with Hello Dodo. Seriously. Get Lost.

All items available (at time of posting) through the Hello Dodo Etsy Shop here. 

(image via Hello Dodo)

SPOTTED – the marine plastic art print being launched by IKEA…

It appears to be IKEA week here on the blog, but there were two launches that particularly caught our eye. Yesterday we were looking at the new indoor gardening kit being launched by the global behemoth, today we are looking at their Art Event 2016 – and one particular print and artist in particular that uses marine plastic…

IKEA marine plastic print Mandy Barker 2

Mandy Barker is a photographer based in Leeds who, like us, has become obsessed with the masses of plastic based marine litter that is accumulating in our global oceans. Her photographic print for IKEA features marine plastic recovered from across the world, brought together into one, circular mass.

IKEA marine plastic print Mandy Barker

“It gives the impression of a universe, an almost hidden world under the sea, using the accumulation of plastic debris you find there.”

We find this a really poignant choice for IKEA. Whilst they do have a forward thinking sustainability policy their use of plastic in their products is incredibly well known. Sure, plastic means colour and durability, but the cheap cost of the products on the shelves do not scream of a product to be kept and cherished long term. Were there any IKEA derived marine plastics in the image we wonder.

Of course, once a product has left the stores it is up to us what happens to it – we hold the responsibility as the users, but even still, we think this marine plastic print by Mandy Barker speaks volumes.

Is this IKEA facing the responsibility for the impact of it’s products through it’s prints? Who knows.

But if this marine plastic print raises more of an awareness of this huge global issue, then that can only be good. We may even get one ourselves for the studio.

(images and video by IKEA)

Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Hello Dodo..

One of the lovely things about the Christmas Artist’s Open Houses is that we get to surround ourselves with lovely things for a whole month in the studio. Not that all everyone here isn’t lovely (of course), but it’s great to have some bright splashes of fun about. And bright splashes of fun do not come better packaged than the great work of our next interviewee – the brilliant Hello Dodo

Christmas Card Pack of 6, Funny Shark Christmas card, Weird Holiday card, Merry Christmas Shark, Jaws Christmas cards, Happy Holidays Shark

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? Hello! We are hello DODO – AKA Ali & Jam and we are playful printmakers and designers. We create bold, colourful screen prints, cards and badges featuring lots of silly puns, typographic tricks and animals, most of which are smiling!

Lion Screenprint, Lion Print, Bedroom Decor, Kids Bedroom Art, Typography Quote Poster, Animal Poster, Kids Print, Funny Poster, fun nursery

What is your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? Our Pigeon & Tonic screen print is quite a new design and still has us chuckling to ourselves! It also helps that we’re fond of both pigeons and gin & tonic!

Pigeon and Tonic Screenprint, Gin Poster, Gin and Tonic Kitchen Art, Alcohol Print, Funny Screen Print Poster, Pigeon Print, hello DODO

OK.  I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? Wellllll you could sort all your close friends and family out with some pretty unique and hilarious Christmas cards (if we do say so ourselves)….we have sharks, flamingoes, DINOSAURS….all the best unexpected festive animals!

Dinosaur Birthday Card, Raptor Birthday card, funny dino birthday card, Jurassic Park card, Velociraptor card, funny boyfriend birthday card

What is on your own Christmas List this year? Each year the majority of my Christmas wishlist is from my fave jewellery brand (and Brighton besties) designosaur…who you can also find in Studio Loo! They’ve just brought out some Bauhaus inspired earrings that are AMAZING. Jam says he’s happy with chocolate and vinyl!

Dinosaur Button Badge Pack, kids party bag fillers, dinosaurs buttons, pinback badge set, Jurassic Park button badges, fun dinosaur brooch

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake? Jam says Christmas cake! I’m a bit of a scrooge on this one because I’m vegan. Can I opt for bombay mix instead?!

Thank you Hello Dodo! 

*** you can see all of Hello Dodo’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***

december wish list day 5 – an old equator print from Present & Correct…

We are real suckers for old bits of stationery. Random ticket stubs, old postcards, vintage advertising posters, unused notebooks from decades ago. Wonderful. And fortunately there is a place in London which can help with this kind of obsession. Present & Correct source and sell the most wonderfully eclectic selection of both new and very old stationery and associated ephemera from their small and organised store in Islington. And for our wish list day 5, we are lusting after a wonderful educational poster – and old equator print…

 Equator Chart

This chart has got more than a touch of the industrial about it and would be perfect for anyone striving to create that eclectic industrial look. Black and minimal with a touch of colour, the old equator print is a true one off.

Plus, as this is a lovely hanging print, you do not need to worry about any framing – just hang it from the metal bars and you are away. It is not the cheapest item we will be featuring on our December Wish List, but you will not find any more of these about, so £175 is pretty fair we reckon.

A definite one on the wish list for us, but really, we would be delighted with anything from the marvellous Present & Correct. A gift voucher even, so we can revel in their beautiful office based finds…

(image via Present & Correct)

wednesday walls – a beautiful Wide World Magazine print…

Today on Wednesday Walls we are doing a little bit of bragging about something rather lovely we spotted last week – a whole stack of beautiful 1950’s Wide World magazines which have the most fantastic illustrations on the front. With their incredible stories, gorgeous graphics and soft colours we instantly fell in love with them.

wide world magazine

So, we had to have them. But, what do you do with a stack of stunning yet rather useless vintage magazines? You frame them up of course.

Finished properly, in the right frame, right style and right colours, these sorts of pieces of paper can go from the useless to the highly decorative. It was the graphics that first attracted us to the pile of magazines, so why not celebrate the illustrations in the best possible way and enjoy them on your wall, all the time? If you find a lovely vintage comic or magazine, frame it up.

Now, the illustration of this Wide World magazine from the 50’s we just adore, so it will be staying in the studio, but there are a whole load of complete magazines that we are currently framing up for our studio shop, so keep your eyes peeled…

(photo by claire potter)

weekend words – a quote on – comic sans…

This week, as we are uber geeks, we attended a lecture that was given by Simon Garfield all about typography and the history of type in general. We love fonts. We love typography. But there is one font that we do not like. At all. And we are not the only ones… design agency kent

We love this as much as we hate comic sans. And we’re sure that lots of you will agree with us and the lovely peeps at ifour.

Go check out their other A-boards that have been turning heads over in Tunbridge Wells.


weekend words – a quote on fearlessness…

For a lot of people, their lives at university are now complete. They have finished everything and they are now starting to think about what they are doing next. A few that we know have just picked up their marks. So. What to do now? This is the quickest and best advice we found this week and really sums up everything that can actually be applied to us all.

Be true to you.

Be yourself. Be authentic. Be true to yourself and love what you do.

weekend words – a quote on – being curious…

Today on Weekend Words we have a lovely quote all about being curious, which is what design is all about for us.

Life quote

So – go forth and be curious people!

(image via Dougles Chan)

weekend words – a quote on – fonts…

As well as our obsession with the colour grey, we also have a bit of a thing for fonts. Typefaces can tell such a strong story, they have character and strength and should never be underestimated. Which is why we just love this little whimsical quote…

I'm very font of you because you're just my type. Shirt by Words Brand via Society 6

Says it all!

Available now, by Words Brand on Society 6

Weekend words – a quote on… work

We have a Pinterest board which is entitled ‘inspirational words we work to’ and is a gathering of all the lovely words and quotes that we love. On occasions they are general, but a great deal are quotes that we really relate to on a work or design basis. Which is why we love this one…

from Society6

This fantastic print by Wesley Bird pretty much sums up our attitude to a lot of stuff.

Want it? Get it here…

(image via

weekend words – a quote on playing…

Even though we consider ourselves to be (relatively) grown up, we are very privileged to be in a sector where we are allowed to be creative and play, every day. A day without play for a designer is a boring day indeed and we often have the most interesting and inspirational ideas through some kind of thoughtful play. Unexpected discoveries can only be found when you allow yourself the freedom to play about.

Marc Johns

So, for our inspirational weekend words today we are leaving you with this quote, on a wonderful print from Marc Johns.

Don’t forget to play.

(image via Marc Johns)

NEW SERIES – weekend words – inspirational quotes we work to…

For the first in our new series of posts for 2014 we would like to welcome you to one of our Pinterest boards – inspirational quotes we work to.

Featuring a range of design and life based lovely quotes, the board has loads of tasty words to inspire. So we thought we would share a few with you.

So – each weekend, we will have a new quote for you. Weekend words. And for our first one, here is a good place to start…

Be the betterist you can ever be.

(taken from the ‘inspirational quotes we work to’ board by claire potter design on Pinterest)

December design wish list day 3 – Wednesday Walls – Star Wars triptych prints

Day 3 of our December design wish list and we have a very lovely triptych of prints for all you graphic geeks out there. Which totally includes us by the way. Spotted over on Etsy, we just fell in love with these gorgeous Star Wars triptych prints by Catherine Holm.

Star Wars poster, Star Wars Baby print,  Star Wars art - Original trilogy  poster set  of  3  A3

Found on the Handz etsy shop, these three prints feature iconic designs from each of the three original Star Wars films – Star Wars A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi in a lovely simple palette of colours.

On their own, each of these lovely A3 prints would be a wonderful addition to any retro twisted interior, but we particularly love the thought of displaying thek all in a row, together…

And the Star Wars triptych prints cost? A real bargainous £34.50 plus p&p.

Lovely. On the wish list.

(image via handz etsy shop)