the Ecospot Eco Gift guide 2016 – day 19 – Magazine Brighton voucher…

Most postal dates for gifts in the UK are looming today or tomorrow, but do not panic. You can still give a gift that is thoughtful and supports good people. For instance, the joy of a new piece of print is something that should not be underestimated, but magazines can be very personal. We love discovering titles from small independent publishers – something different. Off the wall. Intriguing, or even challenging. Fortunately, we have the rather fabulous Magazine Brighton in the city, which has a fantastic selection of well known and little known publications. It is a lovely place to visit, but if you can’t make it to the store, you can still find them online…

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So if you know someone you loves discovering new print, then this could be the perfect gift. Stocking around 95% of the titles they have in the store, this is as good as you can get if you are not South Coast based. Search by name if you know what you are looking for, or search by category and find something new. Discovery is a wonderful thing.

Recently we discovered the Ocean issue of Wilderness, which blew us away. We also picked up a copy of the Stress Report from Do Books and also regular copies of our favourites – from Ernest Journal to Another Escape and more. We cannot fail to find something remarkable.

But as we have said, magazines are infinitely personal purchases. Grab one of the Magazine Brighton Gift Vouchers and give the gift of exploration for another.

(images via Magazine Brighton)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 14 – Ernest Journal bundles…

We were having a conversation in the studio today about how hard it is to truly escape at Christmas time. With family, friends and even distant relatives coming out of the woodwork to say hello and share a mince pie or two, it can get rather overwhelming and well, just a bit too much. But a great way to sneak off for a bit of quiet is to have an excuse – and the best one we came up with was to have something to read. And the top of our list? Always the fantastic Ernest Journal…

Ernest Journal issue 4

Self describing as a ‘journal for curious and adventurous gentlefolk’, Ernest Journal is also ‘a guide for those who appreciate true craftsmanship, who are fascinated by curious histories and eccentric traditions and who care more for timeless style than trends.’ Ah. A perfect tonic against all things over complicated, over packaged and over priced. Goodbye relentless consumerism and depressing news – I want to learn about the traditional carvings of native Icelanders, or solagraphy.

The completish Ernest Journal bundle

With matt finish paper stock that sets off the stunning imagery in a staggering way, this is no magazine to be ploughed through (although ploughing may be kind of story you could find in Ernest). No – it is something to be savoured, like a bloody nice glass of whisky. Take your time and read it like a book – preferably in a comfy chair next to a fire.

Eastern Biological x Ernest Journal: The cabinet of curiosity gift bundle

So if you are looking for an excuse to disappear this Christmas, or know someone who will thank you dearly for such a precious and beautiful get-out-of-partygames card, then look no further than Ernest Journal. Whether it is a gift subscription for the biannual printed journal alone, or one of the limited edition gift bundles available for the season, Ernest will be your saviour this season.

PS – It will be ours too.

*but get in quick – last orders for gift bundles need to be in by midday 16th December!)

(images via Ernest Journal)

Remarkable Magazine – does exactly what its says on the tin…

We love print. Ok – perhaps it is not the most eco friendly of reading choices, but there is something quite special about the whole experience that cannot be replicated online. The feel, the smell, the touch. And so, we often frequent the wonderful store Magazine Brighton, which stocks a dizzying array of short run, independent and overseas publications – always on the look out for something gorgeous. Our latest find is very special indeed – Remarkable Magazine – which has the tagline ‘Live better. Harm less.’ We were sold.


So what is Remarkable?
‘Remarkable is a digital gallery, magazine and marketplace showcasing remarkable humans doing and making remarkable things to help people live better and harm less.
We understand that our global population grows while resources shrink, but we believe the solution lies in making simple, graceful and thoughtful choices. Our mission is to inform when you ask why, inspire when you ask how and be there when you’re ready to make a remarkable change.’

And it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a remarkable read, with inspirational features, beautiful infographics, wonderful calls to action and a very nice design. From fast fashion to Being an Unfucker (more of that in another post…), to smart cities and moving yourself more.

It is an eco magazine for the design conscious.

This may seem a rather odd statement, but in actual fact, despite the fantastic contemporary, sustainable and circular economy designs that are happening all over the globe, by many different types of designers for all sorts of reasons, quite often sustainable designs / products are segmented into a special ‘green’ edition of a design publication, or collected into an ‘eco page’.

Remarkable showcases the range and variety of design led sustainability throughout – without being preachy.

We loved it.

But, with only two issues per year, we are going to have to wait a little more time till we can get out next print fix. In the meantime, we will be keeping a close eye on their online features over here, so ask yourself – do you want to be Remarkable too?

REMARKΔBLE from Remarkable on Vimeo.

(images via Remarkable)