Can you believe it is the LAST of our open weekends this Saturday and Sunday for the Artists Open Houses in Brighton? We have curated a great selection of design, illustrations, graphics and homewares in our little pop up shop for the festival – come and say hello!

We also have the most marvellous organic tea, coffee and really special cake too…

More details, map and stuff here…

AOH 2015

Studio Loo is open for the Artists’ Open Houses in Brighton!

Yes – you may have heard us banging on about how we are open for the Artists’ Open Houses this May in Brighton, with our very special selection of design, graphics, illustration and homewares, but if you haven’t, we are open… why not pop along?

More details, map and stuff here…

AOH 2015


weekend words – direction is more important than speed…

We noticed this little fella wandering up our window the other night so we snapped him for our Weekend Words poster this week. Because of course, direction is more important than speed…

direction is more important than speed

(photo / graphics by claire potter design)

SPOTTED – a lovely Tim Burton poster collection…

Last Sunday, we were thinking about our Hallowe’en costumes and on discovering a black and white striped jacket in a charity shop I announced that I would be creating a female Beetlejuice outfit as a nod to my favourite director and macabre specialist, Tim Burton. And almost simultaneously, we found these Tim Burton posters on Etsy. Creepy. *ahem*

Tim Burton Collection Minimalist Poster Set / by moonposter

Created by moonposter, these fantastic posters recreate the imagery of six of the most prominent Tim Burton films with a beautiful minimal silhouette quality.

We particularly like the Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, but these fantastic images would be the perfect addition to a hallway or up a stairwell to add colour and a little bit of interest.

And, they are a bit of a bargain too. At £41 or so for the set of A3 posters, they will add real character to a space for a relatively low cost. Just add frames and your homage to Tim Burton will be complete.

(image via moonposter)

wednesday walls – a lovely quote for any wall…

Today on Wednesday walls we thought we would find a nice quote, especially as we Weekend Words has taken a bit of a break over the last couple of weeks because of our escapades at the London Design Festival. Plus, we have also been in the thick of discussing exactly what creativity is all about – in all levels. But, we found this fantastic quote print and knew that it was just going to fit perfectly…

Design Quotes #7 Art Print

This just says it all. Being creative is all about making the odd mistake – indeed, there are few creative activities that do not actually benefit from the results of serendipity. But, experimenting and discovering is not what design is about. It is a very small part, but design is also having the ability – and skill – to know what is worthwhile keeping and which ones should be banked for another day.

And we say banked, because they are. It is vital that all these ‘mistakes’ are well documented and placed somewhere where they can be pulled back out, because you never know when you could need them again. A sketchbook is our friend.

Fancy this for your wall? It is available now on Society 6 here

(image via society 6)