the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide – day 13 – Parkminster candles…

Like it or not, there is a particular smell to Christmas. Something spicy and fragrant, possibly spiked with oranges and pine, or even boozy… Christmas has a smell. And of course, whilst we can create these smells by making orange pomanders, bringing fresh pine boughs indoors and continually having mulled wine on the bubble, to be honest, time, space and health need to be considered. So, scented candles are the way forward for many, but as we well know, not all candles are made equal. It’s day 13 of our Eco Gift Guide and we have selected the best candles we know – by Parkminster, in Sussex.

Large Votive Candle

Hand made, hand poured and beautifully packaged, these soy based candles are scented with intense, natural essences in a variety of interesting combinations that we are yet to find anywhere else.

From Bonfire (smoky and woody), to Mandarin Spice and Rosemary and Basil, there are some very Christmassy smells in the Parkminster range.

Ceramic Bowl Candle - Kiln Collection - Parkminster Products

Plus, the candles come in a variety of sizes and formats, from the tumbler sized votives to small tin candles and large bowl candles – but each ‘container’ is selected for a second use, so when they are all burnt out you do not have to ditch them. Reuse the tin. Drink from the tumbler. Plant up the bowl.

Tin Candle

So – if you enjoy a candle at this time of year (and frankly, with all the hygge hype that is sweeping the UK – who doesn’t), then take a look at the very beautiful and very reasonable candles from Parkminster…

Check out their online store here...

(all images by Parkminster)