Studio Loo is getting ready for the Artists Open Houses…

It’s that time of year again. May is possibly one of the busiest times in the studio for events, and this year, we are not only doing the Brighton Artist’s Open Houses and opening our Studio Loo to the public, we are also doing Clerkenwell Design Week too. No rest for the wicked as they say. And now we are in the thick of our set-up for the Artist’s Open Houses, we thought we would introduce you to our guest artists, designers and makers this year…

A3-A4 DE LA WARR V small

Linescapes were with us last year – with wonderful architectural prints of iconic buildings from Brighton and further afield, we will have a selection of prints and gifts at Studio Loo…

Keith Richards by Dave Friston


It is the first time fine artist Dave Friston is with us at Studio Loo, and we are really excited to be showing all four of his incredible Rolling Stones paintings, which use reclaimed pallets as their canvases. Prints will be available too..

Penelope Kenny is a huge favourite of the studio – with her exquisite screen prints of Darwinesque animal combinations. We’ll have a selection of prints from pocket money pieces to larger one-offs.

Ship Faced Tote Bag, Funny Tote, Drunk Tote Bag, Boat Tote, Canvas Shopper, Screenprinted Bag, Handprinted Cotton Shopper, Cute Tote Bag

Hello Dodo never fail to raise a smile with their brilliantly witty and bold prints and accessories. And this year, Hello Dodo will be launching a new range of prints at Studio Loo! Even we haven’t seen them yet! Come and check them out before they disappear.

Image of 'No Bulb in My Lamp: Selected Diary Sketches 2004-2014'

Local illustrator Peter James Field captures the delicacy and strangeness of life in a magical way. From cards to original prints and books, his is a world that needs to be explored…

Vintage Fabric Cushion With Woven Floral Stripe

Like reclaimed fabrics? You will love the work of Sue Milner, who is bringing a whole stack of one-off cushions to Studio Loo made from her extensive vintage fabric collection.


Like many pieces of large furniture, pianos often suffer the fate of being discarded and left to rot. Mark Reeve rescues theses pianos, dismantles them and builds these wonderful creatures for his Piano Planetorium. Each one unique…

Brighton Beautiful Shoulder Tote Bag - Navy Linen & Ikea Print, Microscopic Bugs

Frances Derbyshire of Brighton Beautiful will also be showing a great selection of vintage fabric makes – in the form of bags and purses. Brilliant colours and fantastic prints and all unique pieces again.

Traditional Japanese wood block artist, Claire Cameron Smith will be showing her stunning prints in both colour and monochrome. Carved in cherry wood, come and see the detail in these gorgeous prints, which, due to the method of creation and the natural block, are all slightly different…

So – come along to Studio Loo at the Artists Open Houses for the next four weekends in May (7/8, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29) from 10-5 and have a look. Oh – there is cake too!

simple pleasures cupcakery

check out this page for full details! 

SPOTTED – corrugated ceramic cups from Helen Rebecca Ceramics…

We love discovering new things – especially when they are right here on our doorstep, which is certainly true of the beautiful ceramics from Helen Rebecca Ceramics. Based in Brighton, the works are delicate, yet reminiscent of other vessels, most notably the throwaway takeaway cups that have come to be so ubiquitous in our society. 1 cup from the range of Corrugated and Cream cups

With the same corrugated exterior as the familiar paper cups, the ceramic cups are glazed in soft whites, browns and grey blues – hinting at their materiality. Creating a ceramic cup in the same form as a throwaway paper cup is certainly an interesting take on our throwaway culture generally, plus, the permanence of the pieces is an interesting reminder to the idea of reuse.

Another set of the ceramics that we fell in love with were these gorgeous ‘Win a fish’ cups’ – cast from polystyrene cups with a fairground style goldfish sitting at the bottom. Win a fish cup

The whiteness of these cups does not betray their polystyrene foundations – with the texture of the original cup visible on the new pieces. We love them – especially as the goldfish are also white.

Helen Rebecca Ceramics describes these pieces as ‘memorabilia from litter’, which is an interesting turn of phrase. As litter is something that is by it’s general nature, throw away, these pieces offer a bit of a reminder to the invisible permanence of litter itself. Throwing it ‘away’? Where exactly is ‘away’?

Pair of cups, porcelain take away cups

And with every piece of petrochemical based plastic that we have ever made STILL EXISTING somewhere on the earth, it is worth reminding ourselves – convenience for us is not convenience for another species.

But of course – the depth of the narrative of these beautiful ceramic pieces does not need to wheeled out every time you use them. You should use them, again and again, because they are gorgeous and you can.

Plus, they are rather affordable too – at between £10 – £12 per cup. That’s not that many takeaway coffees nowadays…

(images via Helen Rebecca Ceramics Etsy)