Studio Loo is getting ready for the Artists Open Houses…

It’s that time of year again. May is possibly one of the busiest times in the studio for events, and this year, we are not only doing the Brighton Artist’s Open Houses and opening our Studio Loo to the public, we are also doing Clerkenwell Design Week too. No rest for the wicked as they say. And now we are in the thick of our set-up for the Artist’s Open Houses, we thought we would introduce you to our guest artists, designers and makers this year…

A3-A4 DE LA WARR V small

Linescapes were with us last year – with wonderful architectural prints of iconic buildings from Brighton and further afield, we will have a selection of prints and gifts at Studio Loo…

Keith Richards by Dave Friston


It is the first time fine artist Dave Friston is with us at Studio Loo, and we are really excited to be showing all four of his incredible Rolling Stones paintings, which use reclaimed pallets as their canvases. Prints will be available too..

Penelope Kenny is a huge favourite of the studio – with her exquisite screen prints of Darwinesque animal combinations. We’ll have a selection of prints from pocket money pieces to larger one-offs.

Ship Faced Tote Bag, Funny Tote, Drunk Tote Bag, Boat Tote, Canvas Shopper, Screenprinted Bag, Handprinted Cotton Shopper, Cute Tote Bag

Hello Dodo never fail to raise a smile with their brilliantly witty and bold prints and accessories. And this year, Hello Dodo will be launching a new range of prints at Studio Loo! Even we haven’t seen them yet! Come and check them out before they disappear.

Image of 'No Bulb in My Lamp: Selected Diary Sketches 2004-2014'

Local illustrator Peter James Field captures the delicacy and strangeness of life in a magical way. From cards to original prints and books, his is a world that needs to be explored…

Vintage Fabric Cushion With Woven Floral Stripe

Like reclaimed fabrics? You will love the work of Sue Milner, who is bringing a whole stack of one-off cushions to Studio Loo made from her extensive vintage fabric collection.


Like many pieces of large furniture, pianos often suffer the fate of being discarded and left to rot. Mark Reeve rescues theses pianos, dismantles them and builds these wonderful creatures for his Piano Planetorium. Each one unique…

Brighton Beautiful Shoulder Tote Bag - Navy Linen & Ikea Print, Microscopic Bugs

Frances Derbyshire of Brighton Beautiful will also be showing a great selection of vintage fabric makes – in the form of bags and purses. Brilliant colours and fantastic prints and all unique pieces again.

Traditional Japanese wood block artist, Claire Cameron Smith will be showing her stunning prints in both colour and monochrome. Carved in cherry wood, come and see the detail in these gorgeous prints, which, due to the method of creation and the natural block, are all slightly different…

So – come along to Studio Loo at the Artists Open Houses for the next four weekends in May (7/8, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29) from 10-5 and have a look. Oh – there is cake too!

simple pleasures cupcakery

check out this page for full details! 

Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Chris Murphy…

One of the most fantastic things about having lots of brilliant artists and designers with us for the Christmas Artist’s Open Houses season in Brighton is the diverse range of things we get to have around for the month. Today we are talking to our only ceramicist at Studio Loo – Chris Murphy

Hi! can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? texture and colour are my thing with ceramics, I don’t like BROWN ceramics LOL they are too dull. I work out of my shed in my garden in Saltdean and I take inspiration form plants and organic as well as seascapes.

chris murphy 1

What is your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? I like the calligraphy Hare plates, they are pressed from calligrapher card and cloth which only last a few pressings before it becomes destroyed. Something magical about Hares…

Ok – I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? Well, for £22 you can buy a recycled button tree made from old buttons and a book

chris murphy 3

What is on your own Christmas List this year? PEACE is on my Christmas list for this year

chris murphy 2

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake? Christmas pudding please

Thank you Chris! 

*** you can see all of Chris Murphy’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***


Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Designosaur…

We have a bit of a thing for dinosaurs, so it is no wonder that we are huge fans of the brilliant, local jewellery duo Designosaur. With fantastic designs and a cheeky attitude, their pieces always raise a smile whenever and wherever we wear them. In fact, Claire was wearing her Plesiosaur necklace when she found a piece of Icthyosaur vertebrae on a recent trip to Lyme Regis – channelling her inner Mary Anning… Anyway, we caught up with Designosaur who are showing a huge selection of their wares at Studio Loo for the Christmas Artist’s Open Houses…

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? Hey! We’re Karli and Jacques of designosaur and we make laser cut sometimes dinosaur inspired jewellery, accessories and recently homeware! We’re Brighton based and design and make everything ourselves from concept to finish product, Jacques does our laser cutting which means we can experiment more with materials and techniques.

Velociraptor Skeleton Dinosaur Necklace. Laser Cut Wood Dinosaur Raptor Necklace. Bones Jewellery. Statement Necklace. Jurassic Park. Bone.

What is your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? I love the Sabre Tooth necklace, it’s big and I wear it with everything. Jacques’ wears a lot of brooches as he’s not a necklace wearer, the platypus is one of his faves, I think because he likes to tell people they sweat milk, and it’s easier to get to that conversation if you’re wearing one…

Platypus Brooch. Duck Billed Platypus Pin. Animal Jewellery. Animal Brooch. Australian Badge.

Ok –  I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? ROARballs! This is our very own Christmas decorations featuring, you guessed it, dinosaurs! There’s six different designs and four colours, and who doesn’t want a dinosaur on their Christmas tree?! Oh and they are only £7 so you can buy three, which is £21 but you can make it £20!

ROARballs. Dinosaur Christmas Holiday Bauble. T-Rex Santa and Triceratops Reindeer. Acrylic Laser Cut. Holiday Decoration.

What is on your own Christmas List this year? I’m quite easy to buy for I think, if it’s bright and colourful you’re on to a winner! I do love a candle too, I picked up one of the Coconut Parkminister ones from Studio Loo the first weekend and it’s lush, so I’d love another of those! I can just hear Jacques saying PS4 over and over, which he’ll have to ask Santa for! He also said boots and clothes, that boy is expensive! I also happen to know he loves the framed magazines at the Studio, so if anybody needs to buy Jacques a present…

Stegosaurus Drop Earrings. Dinosaur Dangle Earrings. Jurassic World. Plastic Earrings. Animal Earrings. For her. Bridal Earrings.

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake? Jacques says cake, I really don’t like either but I do love a mince pie or a Yule Log!

Thank you Designosaur! 

*** you can see all of Designosaur’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***

Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Kate Forrester…

Back in May, when we opened Studio Loo for our first Artist’s Open House, we were delighted to have the very talented Kate Forrester with us. And Kate not only exhibited a fantastic range of prints and cut lettering, but also hand illustrated our central window with a beautiful, intricate design which ended up being there far longer than the month of May it was initially planned for! Kate is back with us at Studio Loo for the Christmas Artist’s Open Houses, and we caught up with her for a chat…

Hi!  Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? I am a freelance illustrator living and working in Brighton. I specialise in hand lettering and ornate, decorative illustration for book jackets, packaging and advertising etc (eg. check out the whole of Waitrose Christmas range this year!)

The Fold

What is your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? I am really happy with my animal alphabet print. I originally designed it to be sold as individual letters and the full alphabet print was an afterthought. But it’s gone down really well with my clients and makes a great gift for a child’s room.

Paper Alphabet

Ok. I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? An intricate paper cut letter to give as an Christmas pressie (the unframed ones are £15!)

Paper Alphabet

What is on your own Christmas List this year? Pretty things! I live in a house full of boys and get fed up with cars, swords and smelly shoes everywhere.

Mendola Calendar - May

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake? I’m not a fan of either. I’d rather have a satsuma. They really smell like Christmas to me!

Thank you Kate!

*** you can see all of Kate Forrester’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***

Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Suzanne Snow…

We are thoroughly enjoying getting to know more about the lovely people who are exhibiting at Studio Loo this year for the Christmas Artist’s Open Houses. Today we have had a chinwag with paper cutting extraordinaire Suzanne Snow

Image of Lighthouse print.

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? My name is Suzanne and I am a paper cutting artist from Brighton. My work is all done by hand, which is time consuming but very therapeutic. I began paper cutting while living overseas and being homesick. Creating mini worlds was a way to connect me with home again.Image of Camera lightbox

What is your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? My favourite piece of work at the moment is “Time returning” a layered, back lit paper cutting in a box camera. I love the different shadows the layers create. The idea behind it is that we are all connected,  each having a unique path but following a universal rhythm.

Image of Time returning.

Ok – I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? I would go for four mugs with the seafront design on. Perfect for hot chocolate on a cosy winters afternoon with friends.

Image of Seafront mugs.

What is on your own Christmas List this year? SNOW! I am still waiting for a white Christmas.

Image of Wolf in the woods. Turquoise background.

Christmas cake or Christmas pudding? Pudding every time. Christmas cake doesn’t even exist to me!

Thank you Suzanne! 

*** you can see all of Suzanne’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***

Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Hello Dodo..

One of the lovely things about the Christmas Artist’s Open Houses is that we get to surround ourselves with lovely things for a whole month in the studio. Not that all everyone here isn’t lovely (of course), but it’s great to have some bright splashes of fun about. And bright splashes of fun do not come better packaged than the great work of our next interviewee – the brilliant Hello Dodo

Christmas Card Pack of 6, Funny Shark Christmas card, Weird Holiday card, Merry Christmas Shark, Jaws Christmas cards, Happy Holidays Shark

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? Hello! We are hello DODO – AKA Ali & Jam and we are playful printmakers and designers. We create bold, colourful screen prints, cards and badges featuring lots of silly puns, typographic tricks and animals, most of which are smiling!

Lion Screenprint, Lion Print, Bedroom Decor, Kids Bedroom Art, Typography Quote Poster, Animal Poster, Kids Print, Funny Poster, fun nursery

What is your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? Our Pigeon & Tonic screen print is quite a new design and still has us chuckling to ourselves! It also helps that we’re fond of both pigeons and gin & tonic!

Pigeon and Tonic Screenprint, Gin Poster, Gin and Tonic Kitchen Art, Alcohol Print, Funny Screen Print Poster, Pigeon Print, hello DODO

OK.  I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? Wellllll you could sort all your close friends and family out with some pretty unique and hilarious Christmas cards (if we do say so ourselves)….we have sharks, flamingoes, DINOSAURS….all the best unexpected festive animals!

Dinosaur Birthday Card, Raptor Birthday card, funny dino birthday card, Jurassic Park card, Velociraptor card, funny boyfriend birthday card

What is on your own Christmas List this year? Each year the majority of my Christmas wishlist is from my fave jewellery brand (and Brighton besties) designosaur…who you can also find in Studio Loo! They’ve just brought out some Bauhaus inspired earrings that are AMAZING. Jam says he’s happy with chocolate and vinyl!

Dinosaur Button Badge Pack, kids party bag fillers, dinosaurs buttons, pinback badge set, Jurassic Park button badges, fun dinosaur brooch

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake? Jam says Christmas cake! I’m a bit of a scrooge on this one because I’m vegan. Can I opt for bombay mix instead?!

Thank you Hello Dodo! 

*** you can see all of Hello Dodo’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***

Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Penelope Kenny…

Christmas is certainly a time to stretch your imagination, for young and old alike, and one artist who has a wonderful imagination is the next up on our Studio Loo Artist’s Open House interviews – the fab Penelope Kenny

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? I make hybrid creatures inspired by our relationship with other animals and tampering with the species boundaries. I print my work by hand at a studio in central Brighton, using water-based inks that I make by grinding up pigments and metallic powders and mixing them with screenprinting mediums. I make limited edition books, wallpapers and prints and have recently begun to produce digitally printed textiles.

Limited Edition Love Bees Silk Scarf. 90x90cm. Made and printed in South East England. Now available in my shop.

What is your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? Of the pieces available at Studio Loo this Christmas ‘The Transgenic Cabinet’ is my favourite print and was probably the most challenging to create. It has thirty-seven colours that were each hand-mixed and printed separately. It took two solid weeks of work to make and print the edition and was made especially for my first solo exhibition.

Coevolutionary Mutualism (100x70cm). Screenprint on Fabriano 5 paper. Printed with metallic and interference inks. Hand coloured with watercolour, inks and gouache. Edition of 4.

Ok – I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? For £20 I have a special Open House selection of things. There are sample 45x45cm silk squares, digitally printed in East Sussex on 100% silk crepe de chine and hand-finished in Brighton. Or alternatively there is a box of small prints of hybrid creatures ranging from £3- £12 that would make excellent stocking fillers and gifts.

Rhino Beetle. Limited edition screenprint with hand made metallic inks on fabriano 5 paper. Produced for NOT-ANOTHER-BILL

What is on your own Christmas List this year? I haven’t made a list yet, but I am keeping my eye out for something  locally made and that is ethically and sustainably produced.

Love Bees (25x25cm). Screenprint with metallic inks on Fabriano 5 300gsm paper. Edition of 10.

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake? Christmas pudding and Christmas cake 🙂

Thank you Penelope! 

*** you can see all of Penelope Kenny’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***

Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Peter James Field…

The Christmas Artist’s Open Houses is in full swing now, and next up on our interview series of Studio Loo exhibitors is the wonderful illustrator Peter James Field

Hello! Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? I am a 39 year old Brighton based illustrator and fine artist. I’ve worked for a huge range of clients across a ten year freelance career – including the likes of Vanity Fair, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC and Penguin. I love drawing and making things by hand.

Forever in Negative - copyright Peter James Field

What is your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? I’ve just started learning traditional etching in my spare time, and it is my new passion. I have an incredible joy and pride to be acquiring this new and very time-consuming skill in a digital world. I still look at the etchings I’ve produced and think ‘wow, I did that!’

Rainy Hove  - copyright Peter James Field

Ok – I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? £20 will buy you some great stuff. You’ll be able to buy my hardback book ‘No Bulb in my Lamp’ –  200 full colour pages documenting a 10 year observational drawing project. This is being offered at a very special seasonal discount of only £10. You can also buy a copy of my hand-produced risograph book ‘Peter Andre Saliva Tree’ – a guaranteed conversation starter and also available at a special price of £3. You could use the rest of the money to buy a couple more copies as they make great presents –  or alternatively you’d still have enough change pick up five of my exclusive greetings cards

Image of Peter James Field Greetings Cards

What is on your own Christmas List this year? I’m not very materialistic really, but I do love music. There’s a new Beach House album I’ve yet to hear…

Image of "Hove Beach" Giclee Print

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake? If there’s brandy butter, then it’s Christmas pud all the way!

Thank you Peter! 

*** you can see all of Peter’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***

Christmas Artist’s Open Houses @ Studio Loo – Rarebit Design…

As many of you are probably aware, we have opened up our home, Studio Loo once more for the Artist’s Open Houses in the run up to Christmas with a raft of wonderful designers and artists showing their wares in our converted wc studio. So, we thought it would be nice to find out a little bit more about everyone with a little interview series. First up today is the fantastic Rarebit Design:

rarebit design 6

Hello! can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? rarebit design was set up in 2012 by Rachel Thomas, a designer/maker living in Hove. Rachel makes lovely handmade things from ceramics, vintage paper and linen. With rarebit design Rachel brings together all her interests – from handmade ceramics to typography and vintage print, paper and linen – and produces collections of beautiful handmade things.

rarebit design 3

What’s your favourite thing in your range at the moment and why? My favourite thing in my range at the moment is probably my tiny speckle bowls – hand made stoneware bowls, each one unique and beautifully organic in form with a delicate speckled finish. They look amazing in groups or alone, and are perfect pinch pots for salt and pepper, or ring bowls, or dip bowls at the table… the possibilities are endless. Plus I love making them!

rarebit design 1

Ok – I’ve got £20 to spend. What should I buy from your range? £20 to spend? Well it’s Christmas, so I’d go for a few of my ceramic hanging decorations with suitably festive quips such as ‘Ho Ho Ho’ or ‘Humbug’ printed into the clay with vintage letterpress letters. A rarebit design speciality! Plus a handmade vintage paper Christmas card of course!

rarebit design 2

What is on your own Christmas List this year? On my Christmas list this year is something special from Christmas Artist’s Open Houses to hang on the wall. There’s such a wealth of amazing artists living in Brighton and Hove. I’ve already bought a fabulous print from Hello Dodo but there’s still more wall space…

rarebit design 4

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake? Bah Humbug…neither I’m afraid. Mince pies all the way…

rarebit design 5

Thank you Rarebit Design! 

*** you can see all of Rarebit Design’s lovely stuff and more at Studio Loo – we are OPEN for Christmas Artist’s Open Houses 21/22 + 28 Nov, 5 + 12/13 December – 10.30 – 5.00 at 201 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5JA ***

click here for more details!

Our Christmas Artists’ Open House starts tomorrow!

It does not seem that long ago that we were setting up the studio ready for our first ever Artists’ Open House in May, and yet, here we are at the end of the year with Christmas Artists Open Houses starting at Studio Loo tomorrow!


We have a wonderful selection of artists and designers joining us this year, with an awesome selection of prints, jewellery, homewares, ceramics, lightboxes and much more. For a full run down of those joining us this November and December, take a look at our special preview page here – and keep your eyes open for our featured interviews with each of our guest artists and designers coming up over the next two weeks. apple prints

Plus, we will have some fantastic cakes, cupcakes and seasonal iced cookies on offer too from the fantastic and delicious Simple Pleasures Cupcakery.

simple pleasures cupcakery

We can’t wait. We probably won’t crack open the Bing and Nat CD just yet, but it certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And by shopping at an Artists’ Open House, you can be assured of a handmade, locally crafted one too.

(images by claire potter)


Can you believe it is the LAST of our open weekends this Saturday and Sunday for the Artists Open Houses in Brighton? We have curated a great selection of design, illustrations, graphics and homewares in our little pop up shop for the festival – come and say hello!

We also have the most marvellous organic tea, coffee and really special cake too…

More details, map and stuff here…

AOH 2015

Studio Loo is open for the Artists’ Open Houses in Brighton!

Yes – you may have heard us banging on about how we are open for the Artists’ Open Houses this May in Brighton, with our very special selection of design, graphics, illustration and homewares, but if you haven’t, we are open… why not pop along?

More details, map and stuff here…

AOH 2015


First weekend of Artists’ Open Houses at Studio Loo a success!

As you have probably seen here on The Ecospot, we have been rushing around somewhat over the past week or so getting our little Studio Loo ready for the Brighton Artist’s Open Houses in May. With over 200 or so locations and the work of over 1000 artists, designers and makers, the Artists’ Open Houses event in Brighton is huge – and a real highlight of the cities festival season.

Sophie Shohani cushions

For this year, we have opened our doors too for the first time and have a fantastic range of work on show, both by us and a selection of special guests. We even have an illustration by the very talented Kate Forrester on our central window – directly on the glass!

Kate Forrester illustration live

With a little bit of everything, from illustration and typography to lighting, jewellery and homewares, Studio Loo has got a real design led focus of stuff – and we were inundated by visitors over the first weekend.

designosaur 2

At some points, our little studio was overrun with people – which was great and really changed the dynamic of the space. It was fantastic to showcase brilliant designers whose work we adore – many of which were here invigilating over the weekend with us.

Designosaur 1

This is the real joy of the Artists’ Open Houses – being able to get up close and personal with a huge variety of work and being able to speak directly to the artists and designers – one piece came in after framing with the designer and left minutes later with a very happy customer!

A to Z Kate Forrester

We had a last minute addition to the studio with the ‘Piano Guardians’ – individual creatures created from old piano pieces made in collaboration with local craftsman Mark Reeve – two winged their way out the door over the weekend, but more are on their way, including two new designs…

Piano guardians

As of the second weekend we will also be joined by the Intrepid Camera Company plus two other designers yet to be announced…

Kate Forrester 2

Visited Studio Loo over the weekend? You can vote for us in the Best Open House category here!

(all photos by claire potter)

SPOTTED – Brighton Artist’s Open Houses – the Fiveways trail…

It was the second weekend for the Artist’s Open Houses in Brighton, and after a very enjoyable jaunt around the Hove trail last Monday, we headed over to the Fiveways trail to see what we could hunt out…

There are a few people who visit the Artist’s Open Houses with a distinct interest in a particular area and so pick and choose their destinations accordingly, but we tend to generally wander in loads as you never know what you could stumble upon.

First up was the lovely house of Philippa Stanton at 64 Sandgate Road, which, alongside a selection of beautiful photography, ceramics and vintage map based products is the shed. But not just any old shed. A shed that is styled each year to a certain theme. Last year I appear to remember that the shed was styled in a wild west, frontier style, complete with audio effects – this year Philippa is showing the Shipwreck Shed. shipwreck shed 2


Photo albums are mixed with strands of net and bits of old driftwood, with floats, books and little artefacts completing the look. It’s one of those places that you could visit repeatedly and see something new each time. jar posies

Then, as well as the art, you can also purchase a beautifully formed jam jar posie, with flowers gathered from within the garden…

Over the road at 31 Sandgate Road, we thought the illustrations of Fiona Blair were delightful, but it was this salvaged reel, painted to look like a giant cotton reel that we adored. A really interesting and unusually useful way to own a bit of illustration.

fiona blair


Also at 31 Sandgate Road, we thought that these paintings of tiny birds by Heidi Langridge were absolutely gorgeous. With a block coloured, pastel back, the birds are richly painted with beautiful textured feathers, which really bring them to life.

heidi langridge 1

Either as the set of four, or singly, these birds were just stunning…

heidi langridge 2

And this was just the very start of the trail – check back on our Thursday SPOTTED this week to see a few of the other picks we have, plus the bits that we snapped up ourselves…

(all photos by claire potter)

SPOTTED – the Artist’s Open Houses – the Hove trail… pt 2

Continuing on from our post on Tuesday this week, here is a couple of extra spots from our trip last weekend to the Artist’s Open Houses in Brighton – the Hove Trail part two…

It struck us as we were going around that there is a great range of ceramics on offer this year – with a good variety of styles and prices to suit everyone too. So, if you are in the market for a bit of ceramics this year, you will not be disappointed. tessa wolfe murray ceramicWe have a particular thing for useful ceramics – functional pieces that are a bit special too, and it was great to see the works of Tessa Wolfe Murray at 38 Lorna Road, where I snapped up a gorgeous ceramic button which just looked like a foxes head. Being washing machine safe, this lovely button is the largest of three sizes that are available in both sets or as individual pieces, with lozenge shapes, stars, hearts and geometric shapes up for grabs. This little fella will be turned into a necklace…

Then, on the way back, we dropped into Peanut Butter Tree Arts in Portslade after they tweeted us earlier in the day to let us know that they were open too, on the West Hove trail. This house is a real gem of an Open House, with a great atmosphere, huge variety of work on show and brilliant pieces. In every room we found something that we coveted, from screen printed and hand embroidered cushions to silver jewellery featuring squirrels and tiny wooden acorns.

georgina luck

There was also a great range of illustration on show, and we fell in love with the loose illustrations of famous brands by Georgina Luck, whose work has featured in lots of publications and advertising campaigns. We were torn between the Heinz Beans and the Black Treacle, so we got both for the new studio kitchen. 

We then had a couple of very good cups of tea in the beautiful garden and I succomed to one of my favourites – lime and poppy seed cake.


Next week we are heading to Brunswick and Fiveways trails we think – head back on Tuesday for our next SPOTTED in the Artist’s Open Houses series…

(photos by claire potter)