the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 20 – Urban Foraging Cocktail workshop…

Ever wondered what edible things you walk past each day in Brighton and Hove? Not sure how to spot them or what to do with them? Well, for another of post free gift options in our Eco Gift Guide, we are shamelessly plugging one of our own events, but it will be a cracker! Join us for an introduction to foraging and a few top tips of where to find useful things, culminating in a HUGELY popular foraged cocktail making session using flavours gathered from the city of Brighton itself…

This special event led by Claire Potter (claire potter design) is part of the immersive experience at Patterns Bar, Brighton. Step through a transformed mystical entrance, and discover an enchanted forest filled with nostalgic treats and immersive visual feasts inspired by Britain’s woodlands and the wild outdoors in Winter.


The ground floor bar will be transformed into a winter wonderland reminiscent of scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia, brought to life by a multi-level digitally projected and interlinked forest, complete with softly falling snowflakes, inquisitive wild animals and scents of the forest air. Inside, you’ll find festive treats such a boozy hot chocolate menu and Hot Buttered Rum to enjoy as you watch a flock of birds fly around the room or a snow fox dart in front of you. Imagine watching the sunset from a discarded Chesterfield in Narnia with a warming cocktail in hand, dancing amongst the swirling snow in the glow of a Victorian lamppost and you will be half way to Woodlandia.


Claire will be leading a talk and discussion around urban foraging, but the best bit is that there will be a foraged cocktail workshop in the second half of the workshop – hands on making and sampling too!

Plus, as it is in February, the post Christmas and New Year detox will be over. The lovely cocktails we will be making use the very best of the new sprouts and shoots of the season, and as local as you can probably ever get…

Tickets on sale now – £15 per person on our Eventbrite page

(images via claire potter and woodlandia)

the Ecospot Eco Gift guide 2016 – day 19 – Magazine Brighton voucher…

Most postal dates for gifts in the UK are looming today or tomorrow, but do not panic. You can still give a gift that is thoughtful and supports good people. For instance, the joy of a new piece of print is something that should not be underestimated, but magazines can be very personal. We love discovering titles from small independent publishers – something different. Off the wall. Intriguing, or even challenging. Fortunately, we have the rather fabulous Magazine Brighton in the city, which has a fantastic selection of well known and little known publications. It is a lovely place to visit, but if you can’t make it to the store, you can still find them online…

Image result for magazine brighton

So if you know someone you loves discovering new print, then this could be the perfect gift. Stocking around 95% of the titles they have in the store, this is as good as you can get if you are not South Coast based. Search by name if you know what you are looking for, or search by category and find something new. Discovery is a wonderful thing.

Recently we discovered the Ocean issue of Wilderness, which blew us away. We also picked up a copy of the Stress Report from Do Books and also regular copies of our favourites – from Ernest Journal to Another Escape and more. We cannot fail to find something remarkable.

But as we have said, magazines are infinitely personal purchases. Grab one of the Magazine Brighton Gift Vouchers and give the gift of exploration for another.

(images via Magazine Brighton)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 18 – ticket to Pecha Kucha Brighton…

It has been said that we should be gifting experiences instead of stuff to be truly sustainable. Of course, it really does depend on what type of experience you gift, but sharing something special with a loved one will give the gift of precious memories, shared experiences and perhaps even a new skill. It could be something outdoors, something indoors, something to make you think or something to make you smile. So, for day 18 on our Eco Gift Guide we have chosen an experience close to us – tickets to volume 26 of Pecha Kucha Brighton…

Literally meaning ‘chit chat’ in Japanese, the Pecha Kucha format was dreamt up in 2003 by Tokyo based architects, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham who had had enough of watching long, tedious presentations by other architects. With just 20 slides and each slide being present for just 20 seconds, the 6 minute 40 seconds format was short, sweet and swallowable, and Pecha Kucha was born. There are now PK licence holders all over the world, replicating the format in cities across the globe.

The Brighton license is now held by Alex Leith (Viva magazine) and Zara Wood (aka Woody the illustrator and graphic designer), who present the Pecha Kucha nights every two or three months, each with a different theme. They are nights of great inspiration.

Claire has presented twice at Pecha Kucha nights in Brighton, under the themes of ‘studio’, ‘good grub’ (talking about urban foraging) and will also be presenting at the next volume of PK – under the theme of ‘RE’ on January 25th 2017. Expect people talking about REvolution, REcycling, REuse, REbellion, REsponsibilities and many other things starting with RE. It’ll be REally good. (sorry)

So why not think about popping along? Tickets are available from here and early bird options are just a fiver a piece, so will not break the bank and would be a great stocking filler. Give the gift of an experience, with a difference.

(images via Pecha Kucha Brighton)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 17 – Small Batch Coffee club subscription…

Whether you like it or not, many of us have become avid coffee lovers in the UK. Where we are based, in Brighton, you can barely walk 100m without stumbling upon another coffee shop that has only just opened. Of course, many of these are the faceless, homogeneous chains that dominate many a high street, but many of them are independent – coffee lovers turned coffee experts and baristas extraordinaire. We are lucky in Brighton too, as we have a really really nice little chain of the Small Batch Coffee Company, who do very nice coffee indeed, sourcing it directly, roasting it in Hove and preparing it with love. But what if you live outside of Brighton? Why should we get all the nice coffee? It’s day 17 on our Eco Gift Guide and we have the coffee subscription club from Small Batch Coffee…

small batch coffee club

The premise is simple. Choose how you would like the coffee to be delivered, from whole bean to espresso grind, then choose how long you would like the subscription to run – 3 or 6 months. Small Batch Coffee will then choose a different blend every fortnight for the period you have selected, grind and package it with care and send it off to an address of your choice with a little message from you.

Plus, the coffee itself is really special. Working directly with farmers to ensure coffee cherries of the highest quality, Small Batch Coffee comes in a variety of single origin and blended varieties – each with the guarantee that fair prices have been paid and there is no exploitation.

So – if you have someone further afield that you need a gift for, send them a little bit of coffee love from Brighton – they will thank you with every cup for the next three or six months…

(images via Small Batch Coffee)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 16 – McNair Mountain Shirt…

Buying clothes for someone else at Christmas is always rather tricky. Getting the size right, will they like it – and will they actually wear it and will it be used? But what if you gave a gift that not only was beautifully designed and made in Yorkshire, but a gift of a piece of clothing that would work really hard for the owner? That they could take into the elements with no fears whatsoever, that would see them through woodland walks, coastal wanders and mountain hikes? For someone that loves the outdoors, that would be a gift that would be special indeed. It’s day 16 on our Eco Gift Guide 2016 and we have chosen the beautiful Recycled Merino Wool Mountain Shirt by McNair…

Made from sustainably sourced worsted spun recycled merino wool, this tough athletically fitted shirt is water and wind resistant and also doesn’t hold odours. It has stunning detailing and comes in three, natural colours – smoke grey (above), midnight blue, and our favourite – cinder (below).

It is long enough to cover your back and the arms are long enough to go over your gloves, very much like a winter outer jacket. Mid layer or Top layer, this shirt would see you through all weathers and is a much more natural option than the synthetic, plastic coated, sealed and bright jackets that we often associate with ‘outdoor gear’.

Do we really need to coat ourselves in plastic to go outside? No.

We really like the fact that McNair do a recycled wool version too – it ticks all the boxes for us – a well made product in a responsible material that will last.

McNair mountain shirts come in a variety of fits too, for both males and females, so if the recycled merino isn’t quite their style, then take a look at the rest of the range, or give them a gift voucher so they can choose their own.

At over £300 each, they are not a frivolous buy, but it will be worth it, because a McNair Shirt is for life – not just for Christmas. 

(images via McNair shirts)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 15 – Bureo Minnow skateboard…

Despite how old we are, we are all just kids at heart. And that is exactly how it should be. Picasso got it right when he said that ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up’. Being childish is frowned upon by many, but in fact, being child-like is something that should be celebrated and encouraged. And what better way to encourage someone’s inner child than to get them a skateboard – and not just any skateboard, but one that cleans up the oceans of abandoned fishing netting? Day 15 of our Eco Gift Guide and we have the Bureo Minnow Skateboard…

As regular readers of The Ecospot will know, our own passion and research area is around marine litter – plastic based products that have no place floating (or sinking) in our oceans, causing toxicity, entanglement, ingestion and death for over 100,000 mammals and 1 million seabirds annually.

There are different sectors to the marine litter sphere – one being ALDFG, or ‘Abandoned, Lost or Discarded Fishing Gear’, which encompasses everything from nets to traps. If left in the oceans, these nets carry on fishing, hence their other name of ‘ghost gear’. But, people are realising not only the issues with ghost gear, but the opportunities too. This is a material that can be harvested – and reused if you think laterally. 

This is exactly what the fabulous Bureo products are made from – recovered nylon 6 fishing nets from Chile, that are de-polymerised and re-polymerised into plastic nurdles that can then be injection moulded into new things. From skateboards to sunglasses, Bureo makes stuff from old nets. I was rather taken with the sunglasses too whilst at the recent Global Ghost Gear Initiative conference…

At the time of writing, Bureo has recovered and reused 155,040 square feet of fishing net, with each skateboard utilising 30 square feet of netting alone – the very first marine litter skateboard.

Paired with wheels made from vegetable oil, solid trucks and ABEC 7 bearings, this little cruiser board is not only a really well considered, sustainable skateboard, it is VERY fast and great fun. We know. We have one in the studio (for research purposes. Honest. ahem.)

So – if you know someone who loves our oceans too, or needs their inner child re-kindling, then get them a Bureo Minnow Skateboard. They will be the first to suggest ‘a walk’ on Christmas Day, but they certainly won’t be walking. For the Oceans!

*** PS – they are also currently on sale at Surfdome in the UK – from £87.99 – £124.99! ***

(all images via Surfdome)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 14 – Ernest Journal bundles…

We were having a conversation in the studio today about how hard it is to truly escape at Christmas time. With family, friends and even distant relatives coming out of the woodwork to say hello and share a mince pie or two, it can get rather overwhelming and well, just a bit too much. But a great way to sneak off for a bit of quiet is to have an excuse – and the best one we came up with was to have something to read. And the top of our list? Always the fantastic Ernest Journal…

Ernest Journal issue 4

Self describing as a ‘journal for curious and adventurous gentlefolk’, Ernest Journal is also ‘a guide for those who appreciate true craftsmanship, who are fascinated by curious histories and eccentric traditions and who care more for timeless style than trends.’ Ah. A perfect tonic against all things over complicated, over packaged and over priced. Goodbye relentless consumerism and depressing news – I want to learn about the traditional carvings of native Icelanders, or solagraphy.

The completish Ernest Journal bundle

With matt finish paper stock that sets off the stunning imagery in a staggering way, this is no magazine to be ploughed through (although ploughing may be kind of story you could find in Ernest). No – it is something to be savoured, like a bloody nice glass of whisky. Take your time and read it like a book – preferably in a comfy chair next to a fire.

Eastern Biological x Ernest Journal: The cabinet of curiosity gift bundle

So if you are looking for an excuse to disappear this Christmas, or know someone who will thank you dearly for such a precious and beautiful get-out-of-partygames card, then look no further than Ernest Journal. Whether it is a gift subscription for the biannual printed journal alone, or one of the limited edition gift bundles available for the season, Ernest will be your saviour this season.

PS – It will be ours too.

*but get in quick – last orders for gift bundles need to be in by midday 16th December!)

(images via Ernest Journal)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide – day 13 – Parkminster candles…

Like it or not, there is a particular smell to Christmas. Something spicy and fragrant, possibly spiked with oranges and pine, or even boozy… Christmas has a smell. And of course, whilst we can create these smells by making orange pomanders, bringing fresh pine boughs indoors and continually having mulled wine on the bubble, to be honest, time, space and health need to be considered. So, scented candles are the way forward for many, but as we well know, not all candles are made equal. It’s day 13 of our Eco Gift Guide and we have selected the best candles we know – by Parkminster, in Sussex.

Large Votive Candle

Hand made, hand poured and beautifully packaged, these soy based candles are scented with intense, natural essences in a variety of interesting combinations that we are yet to find anywhere else.

From Bonfire (smoky and woody), to Mandarin Spice and Rosemary and Basil, there are some very Christmassy smells in the Parkminster range.

Ceramic Bowl Candle - Kiln Collection - Parkminster Products

Plus, the candles come in a variety of sizes and formats, from the tumbler sized votives to small tin candles and large bowl candles – but each ‘container’ is selected for a second use, so when they are all burnt out you do not have to ditch them. Reuse the tin. Drink from the tumbler. Plant up the bowl.

Tin Candle

So – if you enjoy a candle at this time of year (and frankly, with all the hygge hype that is sweeping the UK – who doesn’t), then take a look at the very beautiful and very reasonable candles from Parkminster…

Check out their online store here...

(all images by Parkminster)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 12 – TOMS shoes

At this time of year, it is often the giving of gifts that people get excited about. Sure, receiving something lovely is also very nice, but seeing someone open a gift that you have thought long and hard about – their reaction, their joy… that is something to behold. It warms the cockles and spreads the love. But what if you can give a gift that gives again? These are special gifts, so for day 12 of our Eco Gift Guide we are featuring some things from TOMS, who give one for every one you buy. Simple.

black dotted wool men’s TOMS £44.99

And surely there can be nothing simpler. Buy a pair of shoes (or a pair of glasses or a bag) and TOMS will replicate your purchase, giving someone in need a pair of shoes, sight restoring treatment or equipment and training to allow a safe birth. One for one.

rust multi stripe women’s TOMS £41.99

Of course, this is not the only charity gift that you can give that gives to someone you will never meet, but giving a pair of shoes and someone else receiving a pair too is simple. And you have a tangible thing to give, unlike a virtual goat, for instance, which I have seen received with mixed reactions, however well intended.

maxwell matte black sunglasses £59.99

I recently read the story of TOMS by founder Blake Mycoskie, and it struck me that not only was the story one of hope, but that it made the very best of our western consumerist ways and that it just made sense. It was the first time the model had been used, but it made sense. For the people making the shoes, to the people buying the shoes and the people benefiting from a free pair of shoes that would honestly change their lives.

black metallic burlap women’s TOMS £31.49

How often do we hear people talk about how a ‘thing’ changed their life? A new phone? An item of clothing even? Hearing the truly humbling stories of people whose lives have really been changed is a powerful thing. Plus, there is a sale on at the moment, so d’you know what? Buy two pairs. I just did.

birch critters canvas TOMS £29.99

So – if you are looking for a great pair of ethically made shoes, glasses or a bag to give to someone this Christmas as a gift – look at TOMS. Your gift will be doubled.

Now imagine the look of joy and appreciation on someone’s face on Christmas Day when you tell them that. 

(all images via TOMS – all prices right at time of post)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 11 – recycled bouncy castle tote bag from SAS

We are big fans of giving gifts that are useful, and that promote a bit of positive behaviour change. When the 5p plastic bag levy was introduced in October 2105, many people moaned that they would just not be able to remember a reusable bag, but fast forward to July 2016 – just six months in, and single use plastic bag use dropped 85% in the UK. That is quite staggering. So if we are all taking our reusable bags to the shops most of the time, a gift of a reusable bag that is a little different from the norm could be a perfect option. It’s day 11 on our Eco Gift Guide and we have selected the Bouncy Castle Tote Bag from Surfers Against Sewage…

Made on the Isle of Wight by designers Wyatt and Jack, co-branded with an SAS logo and the ‘Break the Bag Habit’ tagline, these fantastic, strong tote bags are made from actual bouncy castles that have been retired from use.

Available in 7 different colours, the tote bags feature strong black webbing handles and measure a very useful 35cm x 35cm. Plus, by the nature of the material, the bag has a waterproof outer, so is perfect for sitting on the floor or using as a kit bag.

We love these bags as they use materials that have a great nostalgic link, and make advantage of their strength, colour, waterproof nature and hard wearing qualities. They will last a very long time!

Plus, these bags are a great choice if you need to post a gift to someone – flat, unbreakable and very useful…

Get yours for £12 a piece through the Surfers Against Sewage shop here.

(images via SAS)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 10 – honeycomb necklace by Beetle Cherry…

This weekend, we have the very last two days of opening for our Artists Open Houses at Studio Loo – and the fantastic Beetle Cherry is one of our special guest designers. With a ‘illustrated wildlife park’ and percentages of profits going to wildlife conservation charities, the prints, activity kits and jewellery of Beetle Cherry not only looks good, it does good too. It’s day 10 of our Eco Gift Guide and today, we have a lovely jewellery set as our selection…

geometric wood necklace

Finding clear inspiration from the bees themselves, we totally fell in love with this necklace – a trio of hexagons arranged like a honeycomb in a stripped back, sustainably sourced birch timber. Hand finished, the honeycomb hangs from an antique style chain and comes complete in an organic cotton bag for just £10.

Slightly abstract and infinitely sophisticated, this necklace would look excellent with a plain black top… plus, if you want to go completely bee, you can also get a pair of matching hexagon earrings for £6.

wooden earrings handmade

With 10% of all profits of the sales of these items going to the Sussex Wildlife Trust, this is a fantastic gift for both wildlife and jewellery lovers alike.

AND until 19th December, all products have free UK Shipping! Fantastic!

Find more of the Beetle Cherry range here

(images via Beetle Cherry)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 9 – mini cacti from Hi Cacti…

There is something rather wonderful about having living things around you. It is simply not natural for us to only inhabit spaces that are synthetic – man-made buildings, interiors and structures where the only thing that is alive is us. Fortunately, many designers are realising the uplifting and positive benefits of having life in our buildings and biophilia, the integration of natural light, natural materials and plants is gaining more practitioners. Unfortunately, many people think that they are just not blessed with green fingers, so steer away from green companions in their spaces. This does not have to be the case. There are plenty of plants that require very little care and attention – it’s day 9 on our Eco Gift Guide and we have the rather fantastic little cacti of Hi Cacti…

Concrete Planter, Cactus/ Succulent Plant Pot, Handmade, Turquoise, Tall Size- Includes Cactus or Succulent

With a very TexMex feel, the hand cast concrete pots of Hi Cacti feature contrasting bands of colours and metallics, perfectly complimenting the different living inhabitants – each one chosen specially to match the pot itself by cactus queen and owner, Sabina Palermo.

With pale blues to deep blacks and warm coppers, there is definitely a cactus for anyone. Plus, by their very nature, they thrive on almost no care and attention at all. A light mist of water now and then, and barely anything in winter, cactus are the most forgiving of all the plants you could choose.

Concrete Planter, Cactus/ Succulent Plant Pot, Handmade, Cream White, Tall Size- Includes Cactus or Succulent

And they LAST. At this time of year, the shops are stuffed with all manner of plants that are bold and brash, covered with glitter or apologetically seasonal. Whilst these fellows will brighten your life for a short spell, cactus will be a chum for life, with just a little love.

Concrete Planter, Cactus/ Succulent Plant Pot, Handmade, Copper Bronze, Tall Size- Includes Cactus or Succulent

So, if you want to give someone the gift of life this Christmas, why not consider the lovely little fellows at Hi Cacti?

*** PS – we have a little selection of the Hi Cacti range at our Artists Open House – last weekend 10/11th December, 11-5! ***

(images via Hi Cacti)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 8 – Lulu by Designosaur…

It’s day 8 already on our Ecospot Eco Gift Guide and we have chosen a very special gift indeed. We are all about the strong statements, and if you know someone who also has something to say and doesn’t mind being stopped at least three times a day to be asked where they got their necklace from, the strong, bold laser cut jewellery of Designosaur should be on your radar. With a range ranging from duck billed platypus to velociraptors, via Miami beachfront cafes and a barrel full of monkeys, Designosaur’s designs are wonderfully individual and creative. But for day 8, we are featuring a very special necklace in their range – the wonderful Lulu…

Orca Necklace. Killer Whale Statement Necklace. Whale Pendant. Endangered Species Necklace. World Cetacean Alliance Fundraising Jewellery

Named after a real UK orca that became entrapped in abandoned ghost gear, Lulu is a necklace that tells a story –  a story where over 100,000 mammals a year lose their lives due to becoming caught, or ingesting synthetic netting, rope and other plastic based debris. From the turquoise net that is laid over her body to the beach cleaned rope from which she hangs, Lulu is a necklace with a deep meaning.

Made as a fundraising piece for the World Cetacean Alliance, Lulu is an orca with a mission, with 25% of every sale going directly to WCA to aid in global cetacean protection.

I am lucky enough to have a Lulu, and I have lost count of the times I have been approached by complete strangers, asking about her and what she means. Telling the story of her creation and why marine litter is one of the most pressing issues we have for both our oceans and ourselves is a tale that breaks my heart yet gives me hope that people will also re-tell the same story and change will ripple out.

So – we are delighted to feature this very special necklace on our Eco Gift Guide today. It is a gift that gives back in so many ways…

*** PS we have ONE Lulu left at our studio for the Artist’s Open Houses – last weekend 10/11th December ***

(image by Designosaur)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 7 – Get Lost print by Hello Dodo…

Ah, Christmas. A time of joy, seasonal cheer and unbounded love for all, everywhere. Except it is not. It is stressful, rushed and often full of get togethers with people you haven’t seen all year, but somehow feel obligated to because it is Christmas. Bah. Wouldn’t it be nice to be out of the thick of it all, hidden away in a calm and peaceful setting… whilst also telling people to just leave you alone. If you feel the same as us sometimes in the season, or know someone who does, you need this fantastic print by Hello Dodo in your life. It’s day 7 on our Eco Gift Guide and we have chosen the ‘Get Lost’ series by design duo Hello Dodo…

Get Lost Tote Bag, Funny Tote Bag, Adventure Print, Mountain Print, Screen Print Bag, Cute Shopper, Explore Print, Cute Tote Bag, Fun Gift

Often with cheeky double meanings, the bright and cheerful work of South Coast based Hello Dodo never fails to raise a smile, but we really love their new Get Lost collection. It has that classic vintage nod, but is not taking itself too seriously.

Get Lost Embroidered Patch, Funny Iron On Patch, Explore Patch, Mountain Patch, Hiking Patch, Nature Patch, Country Patch, Adven

Plus, the design is available in a whole raft of different configurations, to suit all types of people who either want to get lost themselves – or want to send a bit of a message to others.

Get Lost Sweater, Get Lost Jumper, Cosy Grey Sweater, Christmas Sweater, Mountain Jumper, Funny Sweater, Adventure Explore Sweater Jumper

Slightly glittery blue prints to patches, tote bags to jumpers, there is something for all. And to prove this, we had a visitor to Studio Loo – our open studio for the Brighton Artists’ Open Houses, (where Hello Dodo are featured) from Sweden who is well into his 80’s and he happily trotted off with a Get Lost tote after we explained to him the double meaning. He was very much looking forward to telling all his friends to Get Lost when he got home. Her wandered off roaring with laughter.

So. Get Lost with Hello Dodo. Seriously. Get Lost.

All items available (at time of posting) through the Hello Dodo Etsy Shop here. 

(image via Hello Dodo)

the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide – day 6 – M-24 bags…

Designing something with a ‘waste’ material makes perfect sense – especially if that material is already into it’s second life. Keeping materials at their highest possible quality is key to the success of the circular economy – and also recognising what the material strengths are. So, bags and accessories made from truck tarpaulins? Perfect sense. It’s day 6 of our Eco Gift Guide and today we are choosing the lovely stuff of M-24 bags…


With a great range of backpacks, messenger bags, wallets and accessories, M-24 create one off pieces from recovered UK truck tarpaulins that harness the very qualities a truck tarp has – strong, bright, waterproof.


This means that each product is an individual thing – a term that M-24 have dubbed ‘anti-lemmingism’. We all want to be seen as individuals, but unless we have the ability to make our own stuff, this is a better option than the mass produced, cheaply made, high mark-up alternatives on the market.


Plus, by not supplying retailers, but making their products available only through their website, pop-ups and their brand spanking new flagship store in Brighton, they are able to keep their prices very reasonable indeed as the retailer mark-up is eliminated. This also means that the cost of the high level finish and manufacturing techniques undertaken in the UK is feasible and products are available from just £5 for a keychain.

Eco Gift Guide M-24 store brighton, relcaimed tarpaulin bags brighton
M-24 Brighton, 15 Gardner Street, Brighton

A great business model – and great products. Perfect for someone who needs their luggage to be robust and trustworthy, waterproof and individual. And what could be better than telling someone their Christmas pressie has been made in the UK and it is the ONLY one in the world?

Anti-lemmingism is the way forward.

(images via M-24)