Project: Net·Worth – what should we mould…

But what to mould…?

For the first stages of the new product development we began looking back at the Serious Game results:

  • What would most benefit the town – and residents of Newhaven?
  • What could increase the employment rate in the town?
  • How could the (currently disparate) industries of the fishers and business be linked?
  • How could the fishers be supported by local industry?
  • What could be created that fits within a circular economy framework (ie, not destined straight to landfill…?)

From this, we decided to create something that was:

  • Easy and simple to mould, and therefore could be created quickly
  • Be a product that could bridge the gap between the fishers and consumers
  • Be something that could have a long life of use
  • Be made from a single material – i.e. the net alone, so could be incorporated back into a material stream at end-of-life

Product development – looking back at the Net-Hack…

The Net Hack had provided some very interesting angles for possible new products, however, it was one of the briefs that had not been chosen on the main hack day that we thought would best fit the direction of the project. This brief was set by MCB Seafoods and asked the designers to create an item that could be used by the fishers themselves – perhaps on the boats.

Designs for fishing related items were created in SolidWorks, such as cod spinners and escape hatches for retrofitting onto lobster pots.


However, it was decided that whilst creating an item that could be used in this manner would be good for the fishers themselves, to increase the connection between the fishers and the public, creating an item that could be also used by a wider consumer base as well would be an interesting angle. The product needed to be something that crossed both markets of use, yet still be simple to create as this was the first test piece.

After much sketching, it was decided that a simple cabinet handle could be created to suit both markets – simple and hardwearing for use on the boats, but also decorative in a utilitarian nature for the interiors market.