Ghost Gear investigations – week eight, nine and ten – the surveys…

WK8-10 – following on from the community beach cleans, we ran a survey of attendees to ascertain their perception of ghost gear. Did they know where it came from? Who was responsible? Who should be responsible for the clean-up? And critically for this project, would they be interested in a product made from ghost gear material, and what could be their limits to what they would buy? As well as running the survey online, we collated responses from face-to-face interviews. (online excerpt below)

Reponses also included:

‘I wouldn’t choose anything (as a new product) if the quality was sub-par regardless what it was made out of. If it didn’t last it would just end up in landfill anyway.’

‘Fishermen (are responsible). I’m not sure who else could be…? Unless we turn it round and say that it’s consumers who a) aren’t vegan or b) aren’t discerning about buying line-caught fish from responsible fishermen.’