the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide – day 23 – the gift of time…

Almost Christmas Eve. We are nearly there folks. But if you have got to this point and still do not know what to get someone, we have one final suggestion for you. Give the gift of your time.

In a world where we are connected virtually at every minute of the day, giving someone your time is perhaps the most precious gift you can give.

Free, yet utterly priceless, time is also something we can all give, no matter where we are, or how lined our pockets are with gold.

And time spans all of the world too – taking time to stop and say hello to a neighbour, enjoy a cup of tea with a friend or make a phone call to someone at the other side of the globe is precious. Do a few hours of volunteering locally, help with someones shopping, undertake in a bit of lobbying for a cause that you support. It all adds up, yet it all takes time.

Touching base and keeping connected is so special. Standing up for causes you admire is important. So. Take your time and give it to someone else.

Last Christmas, Wham! may have given you their hearts, but as we know, the very next day, you gave it away. If they’d given time, they would have saved a little heartache and spread a little more love.