the Ecospot Eco Gift Guide 2016 – day 12 – TOMS shoes

At this time of year, it is often the giving of gifts that people get excited about. Sure, receiving something lovely is also very nice, but seeing someone open a gift that you have thought long and hard about – their reaction, their joy… that is something to behold. It warms the cockles and spreads the love. But what if you can give a gift that gives again? These are special gifts, so for day 12 of our Eco Gift Guide we are featuring some things from TOMS, who give one for every one you buy. Simple.

black dotted wool men’s TOMS £44.99

And surely there can be nothing simpler. Buy a pair of shoes (or a pair of glasses or a bag) and TOMS will replicate your purchase, giving someone in need a pair of shoes, sight restoring treatment or equipment and training to allow a safe birth. One for one.

rust multi stripe women’s TOMS £41.99

Of course, this is not the only charity gift that you can give that gives to someone you will never meet, but giving a pair of shoes and someone else receiving a pair too is simple. And you have a tangible thing to give, unlike a virtual goat, for instance, which I have seen received with mixed reactions, however well intended.

maxwell matte black sunglasses £59.99

I recently read the story of TOMS by founder Blake Mycoskie, and it struck me that not only was the story one of hope, but that it made the very best of our western consumerist ways and that it just made sense. It was the first time the model had been used, but it made sense. For the people making the shoes, to the people buying the shoes and the people benefiting from a free pair of shoes that would honestly change their lives.

black metallic burlap women’s TOMS £31.49

How often do we hear people talk about how a ‘thing’ changed their life? A new phone? An item of clothing even? Hearing the truly humbling stories of people whose lives have really been changed is a powerful thing. Plus, there is a sale on at the moment, so d’you know what? Buy two pairs. I just did.

birch critters canvas TOMS £29.99

So – if you are looking for a great pair of ethically made shoes, glasses or a bag to give to someone this Christmas as a gift – look at TOMS. Your gift will be doubled.

Now imagine the look of joy and appreciation on someone’s face on Christmas Day when you tell them that. 

(all images via TOMS – all prices right at time of post)