SPOTTED – industrial interior design – a hotel bar built from concrete water tubes

We are huge fans of using things for a purpose that they are not perhaps initially intended for. The sense of surprise that this can give to a space is wonderful – that little nugget of shock that turns into realisation and wonder. It is these sorts of moments that bring spaces alive. When we saw this industrial interior design for a hotel bar which is built from concrete water pipes we felt that sense of ‘oooh – nice’…

Situated at the Prahran Hotel in Melbourne, the bar has been built with an entire façade of concrete water tubes, which extend into the interior space to create a series of private booths, clad in warm timber and leather.

These sort of concrete water tubes are usually hidden underground, but their inclusion in this interior gives a wonderful raw, industrial aesthetic to the space, whilst creating beautifully intimate pockets.

As well as the tubes that sit along the façade and into the main space, there is a halved concrete tube which sits suspended over the ground floor as an open topped seating area. The bar itself also continues this real ‘utility pipe’ aesthetic to the industrial interior with pipe based cladding – raw, yet beautiful.

Industrial interiors can have the reputation of being cold and bleak – harsh and masculine, but this wonderful interior proves that even a series of concrete water tubes, if used imaginatively, can create a space of textural and visual interest – as well as a place you would like to linger.

(images via Design Taxi)