memory light – the memory of a childhood balloon

Interior design can come from a deep and thoughtful concept. It can create another world. Or it can be whimsical and joyous. For us, there is nothing wrong with any of these, so long as they are relevant to the brief and the client. And if you are looking for a slightly whimsical and definitely joyous addition to an interior you need look no further than the wonderful ‘Memory’ light by Boris Klimek.

Evoking an image from childhood, the ‘Memory’ light is a beautiful representation of a helium balloon, floating above reach and touching the ceiling, but this is no gas filled bubble.

The glass ‘shade’ is permanently fixed to the ceiling, with the string falling downwards, acting as both the balloons cord and the pull cord on/off switch.

As it is a ‘designer’ light, you would expect it to have a designer price tag, but the Memory light is relatively reasonable, starting at around £85 for the 250mm diameter light, with a selection of seven or so colours for each of the three sizes available.

There is much to be said for simplicity, and we adore this light for that very reason. It would make a fantastic addition to a child’s room, nursery, or even as an eclectic addition for a dark corner of a front room. Or how about in a hallway? What a lovely thing to see as you walk through the door – a memory of your own childhood.

(images via John Moncrieff)