upcycling cycles – moosach bikes

Upcycling is a term usually given to items which have been transformed in some way from one form into another – taking it from waste to new product with a new purpose. However, there is nothing to say that upcycling cannot reinvent the initial object into something new, with the same function – just better. This is exactly what the upcycled cycles of Dutch brand Moosach are about – creating new bikes from old with history.












The team take vintage, bike frames and after a serious stripping down exercise, rebuild them with new, brightly coloured parts to create a completely one off, new cycle, ready to be taken back onto the streets. We just adore this white and red beauty, named Strike.

Plus, as only twelve are rebuilt each year, there will not be many cruising around, so you are assured of an instant design one off. A responsible recycling, upcycling project for your cycles. Perfect.

(image via Moosach)